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You care about nature? About your health? About the future? The young & older generations? So do I. It’s high time we talk about what we are missing out right by the Beach!

I love Los Angeles. I finally found a place I want to call home. When I think of my life, I envision living by the water in Santa Monica or Venice Beach. A cliché? The high price of real estate shows that I am not the only one with this dream. By the water, we experience the charming Yoga’ttitude, the warm smile on people’s face, the charming respectful behavior they have towards each other, the tasteful conscious cuisine, the incredible sunsets and so many ingredients for a great lifestyle! Yet, it could be get even better.

The biggest frustration I have while in Los Angeles is that I cannot connect to Nature. By Nature, I mean the Beach. While there is 75 miles of land full of sand and with endless views of the ocean, we cannot fully enjoy all the benefits that come with it. This is something we should solve starting RIGHT NOW. Let me explain you why & how?

BEACH, We Should ALL Have Access To You!

Once on a Lyft ride, I asked the driver how she was bringing her kids to the water. She was a 40-year-old single mother of 3 kids and seemed like a loving & determined woman. Maybe she could help me with this frustration of mine. I was very sad to hear that she just never brought her children all the way up to the water. It was impossible for her: “carrying all the stuff to the water is so hard, each time I do, I have a backache for a week (…) Plus my kids are not safe there under the sun since I can’t carry an umbrella on top of all of it. Going to the water is a huge organization… and then there is the idea of walking back to the public showers, which are so far from the water. I feel guilty for not being able to do more. But how could I do?”

People can’t fully enjoy the Beach because of the lack of comfort & safety:

-The Beaches are wide and large; we are so lucky! But because of that, it sometimes can take 10 to 20 minutes’ walk to get to the water once our feet hit the sand. So many people can’t access to nature.

-The Beaches are not safe nor comfortable for us to spend long periods of time and fully enjoy the benefits.

Doubting me again?

Have you ever tried accessing the water while being 6 months pregnant, walking on the sand?

Have you ever laid down on the sand and try relaxing with a huge belly under the sun?

Or maybe you have carried a trolley with your 10-month-old child in your arms plus the hats, backpacks, car keys…?

I have. I have succeeded these 3 tough experiences suffering, feeling exhausted, sad & humiliated. There was no glory trust me.

I felt so different.

And then, I started looking around and I found out that I was not alone struggling to access the Beach!

Pregnant women and parents are suffering, but not only:


-Persons with sensitive skins

-Older generations! I have seen so many persons of a certain age sitting on a bench looking at the water like it’s a lost treasure…

-And what about people with disabilities? Wheelchairs? Injuries? Fragile hips, ankles etc.?

Credits: Sarah Giardini

The 75 miles of Beach that Los Angeles has to offer are not ACCESSIBLE FOR US ALL. Let’s make this change for both locals & travelers to celebrate at their best while the city of angels is moving forward in so many other areas such as sustainability, lifestyle, transportation etc.

Wake Up Los Angeles, The BEACH Is So Good For Us!

I am a Beach addict and I am a proud one! I know what the Beach brings to me and I value it dearly.

“The Beach is made for people to burn under the sun.” I have heard that several times in the past. And I felt so sad for those people that are missing out. The beach’s first purpose is NOT TANNING! Whatwe often forget is that the Beach is part of Nature exactly like forests or woods are. Therefore, a day at the beach is exactly like hiking, skiing or camping… even better!

The Beach makes me breathe better. The Beach brings me peace, serenity, faith. It makes me feel steady and happy. I can think better, have more clarity, relax, calm down, be positive, express my creativity, be more grateful.

You are not convinced?

The benefits of the Beach are invaluable and here below I have listed 16 of them for you:

  1. One of the top best Stress Reliever (with sex, sleep or working out)
  2. A bit of sun exposure (with UV protection) increases our happiness (endorphins) (Harvard University)
  3. Better sleep at night (because we spend more calories and feel less gravity – even more for kids)
  4. Lots of energy, less depression, less or no cramps, more solid bones (especially for the young or older ones), a nourish skins thanks to the Vitamin D you get from the sun (even under the shades!)
  5. Probably the best place to do breathing exercise – the iodine and other very powerful oligo elements helps clear respiratory tract.
  6. Zinc, iodine, Sodium, Magnesium, the water is filled with the best materials for the skin to be pampered, to cure imperfections or any little scar
  7. A better blood circulation and muscle relaxation moving on the sand and in the water – the Beach is definitely a wonderful place to workout!
  8. The best body scrub with the sands on our feet and body; fat loss & toxins removal! (Sablotherapy)
  9. The sand helps reduce rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis
  10. The combination of water and sand helps curing skins diseases caused by stress or allergies such as psoriasis
  11. Ideal scenery for Body acceptance. We are not wearing so many layers on top of us, so we can connect to our body, feel it, see it, be at easy with ourselves
  12. Amazing location to work out with so many options: swimming, yoga, meditation, surf, dance, running, volleyball, water ski, diving, soccer etc.
  13. We age less and stay sharp cognitively! Because we read more while at the Beach. Reading activates all the brain areas! (University of Barcelona)
  14. The salt water is as pure as the physiological serum we use for our babies’ nose! It is a great cleanser for our nasal routes and recommended for people with recurrent sinusitis. Plus, the water is also a great cleanser for the intestines, helps with digestion, detoxifies the body in general and stimulates the immune defenses. The Beach is the best naturel antiseptic!
  15. The seaweed is a great source of beauty for hydration, nourishing and anti-aging. They also help reducing the cellulite (which is an inflammation of the skin due to the lack of mobility, bad alimentation habits and of course genetics)
  16. The best way to reduce the cognitive decline and live young longer is to spend a lot of time on the beach because there you can combine working out with reading and sleeping!

A moment at the beach brings you much more benefits than you would have thought right? Ready to join me changing the world?

Moi, Frenchy & BEACHY (=Beach Experience Addict)

What is la plage (the beach in French) made of? An endless view. Sands under our feet. Water on our body, the amazing feeling we get from swimming, the lightness, the levitation sensation, the waves massaging us. Salt on our lips. The very unique smell of sunny sand meeting ocean water. The waves soothing melody, the energizing wind, the seagulls screaming, kids’ laughing, silence… such beautiful life moments. Nature comes in all form. This is my favorite one.

Where I come from (France obviously), I got lucky enough to be at the beach 2 months in the year. It was the Mediterranean Sea. I got lucky enough to spend lots of summer in the South of France. Believe it or not, 2 months were never enough time. I have always felt much happier by the Beach. French people are very keen on spending a lot of time at there. They say it’s good for their health and the best way to recharge their batteries. They are so right!

A few surprising information about the French Riviera (the South of France):

-Until the 1920s, it was not touristy at all. No one was enjoying the Mediterranean Sea. No one was swimming.

-The Americans were the first tourists to make the French Riviera a renowned place. They were the first ones to fall in love with it, come numerously and invest!

-The Riviera had been frequented over the years by many artists such as Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and Aldous Huxley. F. Scott Fitzgerald described the Riviera as a “playground” with a “fairy blue” sea, where the whole world goes to “to forget or rejoice, to hide its face or have its fling”.

-We offer many complex where you can rest, relax, spend a day, eat, have a drink on the beach. And this is available for all in comfort, elegance and, very important, safety!

I Am No Gandhi Not Saint Laurent. But Freedom & Celebration Are My Favorite BEACHES!

Am I crazy to want the Los Angeles Beach to be the best place on Earth there is with the South of France of my childhood? I am confident & happy because we have the power to change the situation.

We can promote the benefits of spending time on the Beach (not for tanning!) and at the same time make the beach accessible for ALL bringing safety and comfort. All of this without destroying the beach. No construction nor deterioration are needed, I promise.


DAY ROSE is a new type of place. Celebrating the beauties of life in all its forms, we create precious & meaningful experiences for locals and travelers. Our first mission is for ALL to enjoy freely and give back to both Nature & the community. We want to launch Day Rose first in Los Angeles.

Want to know more? Feeling like enjoying la plage (yes it still means the beach in French)? We obviously need funds, partners, smart skills, passion for Nature & inclusivity! Smiles, emails, social media buzz, press & networking are always very much appreciated! Good to know: In addition to helping the community, DAY ROSE is a very profitable business with a new & unique business model!

Write to us dayrose.losangeles@gmail.com

Audrey Would Like To Enjoy The BEACH With You

I hope you liked what you have just read. Holding the pen is me.

Audrey Kabla, 35yo entrepreneur, born & raised in Paris, (single) mother of a little angel called Gabriel, well-traveled and in love with the US in general (big fan Los Angeles beaches). For the past 15 years, I have helped big companies, as well as promising concepts, tocreate a fulfilling experience for the millennial generations and communicating a powerful yet authentic message about what they do best and how they respect nature & craftsmanship.

I have always dreamt of, someday, launching a beautiful place where people would spend precious moments, celebrating life and all its enlightenments with a big smile on their faces. A place that would contribute to a better world for both Nature & the community. The time has come.

VERY IMPORTANT: I am blessed to be surrounded by wonderful people involved in the birth of DAY ROSE and I hope the team will happily & meaningfully grow!

Thank you for reading this Pamphlet. We are looking forward to welcoming you for a unique & meaningful experience with DAY ROSE .

Audrey Kabla


Visit us online day-rose.com

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